Foreigners - How to register

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MessageSujet: Foreigners - How to register 20.12.11 19:26
As some non french speakers might want to register I did this tutorial in order to help them ! If you don't understand something, just let us know !

First you have to click on "s'enregistrer" to register.

Then approve our rules by clicking on "j'accepte le règlement".

Here you type your account informations, username, email and password.

Then you need to confirm your password and there is code you have to type to verify you're not a boot.

At the end, you received a mail with a link inside in your mailbox, you have to click on it to be registered.

To connect on the forum, you just have to click on "Connexion" and type your Username and Password and here you are ! If you have other questions just ask !

Foreigners - How to register

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