[PROJECTS] SM Town Paris - English recap

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For english speakers and international Petals and Undead going to the concert, here is a list of our projects !

► Lightstick, LED Board and Hee mask bulk orders on taobao. The order will be done this weekend (last deadline !). Sylar will do the order, you'll just have to pay her back with Paypal or face to face in the Korean Connection festival. Or if you can't before, the day of the live Smile

LED Board example:

We did not receive the Hee masks (it was an error) so if you want to have one, you'll have to make it yourself !

► Jjinbbang fan, handmade :
(we borrowed heechul-petals paper to do it so credit goes to them Smile)

► T-shirt French JjingBang, made by PooHoa. http://haebaraghee.spreadshirt.com/
or at http://haebaraghee.spreadshirt.fr for french people Smile
We'll offer it to Heechul and you can buy one for you if you want ^^

► Fanchant « Sa-rang-hae-yo Kim-Hee-Chul, U-yu-bich-kkal Kim-Hee-Chul » when he will introduce himself, during breaks, his solo (if he does it) or when he will be close, whenever you want but not DURING singing parts !

► Jjinbang masks (covering your face with holes for the eyes) => handmade

► Your own boards, banners, towels.

► big fabric flowers.

Of course you choose what you want to buy/wear/do, you can't do everything at once XD

► We're also going to do a fanbook for him. FANBOOK DONE AND SENT TO THE PRESENTS RECEIVER Go to our "Projets terminés" forum to see it !

► We will also be meeting during the Korean Connection this weekend so if you want to come, feel free to Smile Same goes for a meeting in the queue before the live !

You can post in this topic, even if you didn't introduce yourself as the forum is still underconstruction Smile To register just click on "S'enregistrer" under the banner and if you have problems completing the form, just ask here as an "invité" !

[PROJECTS] SM Town Paris - English recap

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