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♣ Forum rules

By registering on this forum, you engage yourself to have fun without disturbing others people pleasure. You have to respect the forum, the members and yourself. {L} Lack of respect = expulsion of the forum. No warnings.

For your nickname we accept lots of things but not something too long or like "ILOVEHEECHUL" or "MRSHEECHUL"

You have to introduce yourself to have access to all the subforums. You have to wait for and administrator to validate you and to enter the group "membres" to be able to post everywhere. {P} To be part of the "PETALS" or "UNDEAD" groups, you have to be an active member. Then you will be able to choose your group. There are no privilege to be in, just the color !

We do not accept pornography so it's prohibited to have obscene pictures in this forum.

You icon can be 150px large max. For the height, just be reasonnable.

You're not forced to be on the forum H24, once a week is sufficient if you can't more. {G} If you have to be absent for too long, just tell us, this way we won't delete your account.

Double posts are prohibited. Such as spamming messages with just one or two words in it.

Vulgarity ! {H} This is something we can't accept ! Homophobic, racists or all those kind of things are prohibited.

In your introduction post, you have to put a code. It's hidden in the rules, between {}, you have to find it to be validated.

Lastly, don't forget to have fun =)

Rules under copyright.

I - Forum rules

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